Custom Trophy Buckle Pillows

As a non-pro reiner for a portion of my life, I know how valuable and cherished the buckles we win are to us…AND how much it cost to earn!! I have designed so many homes with families that have buckle collections from multiple generations and I know how hard it is to display them in fun and different ways. One of my first designs, when I started Moon Rein Bedding Co, was a buckle pillow. I was determined to find a way for the individual to put their own buckle on their pillow themselves (I was so worried I might lose one of these irreplaceable prizes!). Since I was only in the horse showing world as an adult, I only earned a few myself. Because of that, I not only wanted my favorite buckle on my pillow, I also wanted to be able to wear it when I showed—I needed to be able to take it off and put it back on the pillow. Consequently, your buckle pillow order will come with a sewn-in block that has industrial velcro attached.  

How Does It Work

There are multiple styles of pillows we can set up for your buckles. Simply go to the Pillow section of the shopping tab and choose the style you like. The drop down style/option will tell you if a buckle can be added to that particular pillow. Buy the pillow style with the buckle option chosen and we will contact you to decide what fabrics you want! The pillow will arrive ready for vou to attach the buckle vourself.

When your pillow arrives, simply remove the velcro loop tape from the sewn-in block, peel the sticky protection cover off of the loose velcro and put the velcro in the middle of the back of your buckle. Next, slip your fingers under the sewn in block and, with pressure, place the velcro attached to your buckle on the velcro attached to the sewn in block. Squeeze the two together for a better connection (if you don’t do it this way and only lay the buckle over it and push the buckle down, you not only will not get a good “grab” with the velcro, you could possibly damage the fabric on the pillow with the hook on your buckle). The more you take the buckle off and on, the more likely the stickly will get compromised on the velcro attached to the inside of the buckle. If that happens, call me and I will mail you more or hop over to Home Depot or Lowe’s and grab some industrial velcro to replace it with! Not just any velcro will do, make sure it's the tough stuff!