Silk Sabra Large Pillow Cover (4 colors)

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These Sabra's are all one of a kind.  The color and designs will always vary~ sometimes in very dramatic ways.  I will only post what I have in stock but I can always order more.  All of the colors come in the 2 sizes (35"x19" or 20"x20").  If you need more than one pillow for the same room, please contact me and I will order them for you together to try to make sure you get the closest dye lots possible. 

The silk is a natural fiber from the Agave Cactus Plant(100% vegan).  Embroidery is hand stitched.

Dimensions: Approx. 35" x 19" will range slightly and the pillow insert is not included in the price.  

A generous king size pillow will fit, but if you want it full and  plump, we suggest a 20"x40" insert.  

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